Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Making Art

Haven't had too much time to blog, because I'm so busy making art!  Here is a sample of what I've been creating and what is available for sale.  I have had 2 SOLO shows and 1 group show in the last month!  Busy busy!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Flashback Friday: 5 year Anniversary

The awkward time you have to stand there while the music plays after you light the unity candle.

Loved my flowers :) Snuffeluffagouses as I like to call them :)


Best Wedding Cake EVER! We also had 7 flavors!

Crazy family!

Father-Daughter Dance!  Fly me to the moon by Frank Sinatra.  My Dad did the splits!

Singing Grease Mega-Medley with the Girls (bff Kristin)

Leaving the Church
5 years ago today was the best wedding ever.  I loved my wedding so much and I wish we could live it over again every year.  We had such a fun, drama free day filled with joy and love and happiness!  Now you all can re-live it with me!

 Now go to the BRAND SPANKIN' NEW HOST fro Flashback Friday and join the party!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

So little posting, so little time.

My hope for time to blog over break never happened.  My two year old and other projects really kept me busy.  Now we are in week 3 of summer session and full swing of baseball and teenager activities.  So much going on.  I also booked 2 art shows for late summer/early fall, so I have lots of work to finish to get ready for those!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Highs and Lows Link up


  • Easter was a blast.  It was great watching Roo search for all of the eggs.  Even with the Easter candy, Roo sat through the entire church service.  We had yummy food at Mom and Dad's and the kids had a great time looking for eggs.  Holidays are always so great when we have all three kids.
  • One week closer to the end of the semester which means more free time :)
  • Sissy is usually only with us every other weekend and once a week.  Lately, well, for almost 3 weeks straight she has been with us.  She is a blessing to have here every day and she seems be more like her old self.
  • Sissy had Prom yesterday.  It was a lot of fun to see her get all beautified and gussied up.  

  • PMS
  • Terrible Twos-Roo has been crazy and really stretching boundaries.  It's hard to be consistent and can be pretty frustrating to deal with the tantrums and the "no". argh. 
Great week overall though!

    Friday, April 29, 2011

    Flashback Fridays: Prom

    In honor of my step-daughter going to prom this weekend I thought I'd post some of my old prom pictures.  Here are me and the girls at our Junior Prom.

    Lori, Kristin, Melissa, Jen, Me and Danielle

    Senior prom
    Melissa and I (I'm so pale)

    Kristin and Joey...married for 10 years

    The boys

    Melissa and Lori getting down

    Seems like prom isn't what is used to be. We raised a ton of money and rented a hotel "ballroom" and had them supply a buffet meal.  Then we had after prom at a local university that we rented out.  Now the kids get around and then go out to eat...where ever.  Then they go back to the school and have the dance until midnight.  After prom is then at the school from 12-3am.  That, to me, doesn't make any sense.  Isn't the point of after prom to keep kids from being out in the middle of the night?  Isn't it illegal for kids to drive at 3am?  Why are they not keeping them until 6-7am and serving breakfast? So, the dear, sweet hubby will be getting up in the middle of the night to go pick up Cara at 3am.  LAME!

    I'm sure despite all the changes...she will have a wonderful time.

    Don't forget to visit for the Flashback Friday

    Thursday, April 28, 2011

    Easter 2011

    Found his Easter Basket :)
    The holidays are starting to be so fun now that Jack is getting a little older.  He loved coloring the eggs for the Easter Bunny and covering them in stickers.  It was entertaining to watch him hunt for his basket (which he's been asking for a week if the Easter Bunny came) and his shock when they weren't lined up by the fireplace. 

    Any Eggs under there?

    He's such an adorable little man. 
    Easter Egg Hunt at Nana and Pawpaw's House
    Off to Nana and Pawpaws for some more egg hunting!  This house belonged to my great-grandparents and my parents purchased it and moved a couple years after my Gramma moved into a nursing home.

    Gramma Paula looks on.

    Nolan was more interested in the ball.

    Riley was being camera shy

    Easter is definitely up there on Holiday Celebrations for Jack!!!